A DAIMON INSTITUTE PRESENTATION -- 2021: The Role of Anxiety in the Lives of Gifted Adults: Origins, Manifestations, and Amelioration

Exceptionally bright human beings are infinitely more than the sum of their complex intellects and remarkable talents.

Gifted adults have the inborn capacity for extraordinary cognitive, affective, physical and intuitive functioning.

They have a core substrate of advanced and accelerated functions within the brain which is enhanced or inhibited by their interface in the environment.

Due to their innate differences from the norm, there may be a gross lack of fit and absent or inadequate opportunities for them to develop holistically, without injury.

Yet, it is every gifted person’s birthright to live a fully actuated “switched-on” life.

We will examine guiding principles, habits, mindset and skills that contribute to a life well-lived for this extraordinary populace.

Central to this discussion will be recognizing the COMPLEX ROLE OF ANIXETY in their lived experiences. Whenever we explain, mediate perception, or directly guide the gifted adult, we must be mindful of their uncommon core traits and anxiety’s ubiquitous (and often masked) role in their experiences.

We will explore fostering creativity, courage, focus, balance, and resilience to help our gifted adults thrive and not just merely survive.

Drawing from research in neuroscience, psychology of the gifted, extensive clinical data, and research and conceptualizations from the social sciences, the material presented here is explicitly fine-tuned for gifted adults.


Presented by:

P. Susan Jackson 

Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted Inc.


Presented at:

The FIRST worldwide 2e Adults' Online Conference -- November 1, 2021.

What people are saying about this Presentation:

“Oh my goodness! I've just listened to Patricia Susan Jackson, M.A., R.C.C.'s session and she was totally amazing. Such helpful and important information.”

From the USA 

“Your whole lecture on anxiety was brilliant and illuminating. A must-see for any parent of a PG child.”

From Canada.

“I felt seen and validated by your presentation.”

From The Netherlands.

“Your presentation on anxiety helped me so much! I isolated myself from certain people, refused to explain myself anymore and left some groups but I'm hopeful and perseverant that I'm going to meet new gifted people and I'm reaching out!
Also understanding anxiety from a gifted perspective and that it can happen from various reasons(including anticipation) and being misunderstood, not heard etc is huge! Hearing it from another gifted person it is liberating!
“Don’t let other people’s limited view define you!”
I'm so grateful for everything 🤗❤

From England.

“I just listened to your talk on ‘Lets talk 2e Adults’ conference and wanted to thank you for giving such an expansive view on the cause and impact of anxiety on EPG adults. Especially the examples you give of people you worked with who either hid their true self and produced a masked self for whatever reason. This was exactly what I have been experiencing for so long. Thank you so much for the examples and the supportive way in which you brought it to life.”

From the Netherlands.

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