Katja Ujcic (Slovenia). On "Empowering gifted women."

As a teenager, I followed the mainstream and focused on securing a relationship with a boy, although I never truly understood why. As a result, I became confused and alienated and - surprisingly - lost focus. Even so, I followed society's rules and tried to find a partner that would complete the fantasy sold to girls throughout time, including to my female ancestors.

While working with gifted people, I found that almost all female clients have similar survival mechanisms that force them to find not "the one" but just someone to provide for them. Gifted girls redirect their energy towards following the latest trends in beauty from a very early age, joining the ancient seduction race and lacking the space and time to embrace and develop their inner brilliance.

Gifted girls/women who do not receive proper guidance when dealing with their gifted needs struggle with managing their intensities and understanding their profound, unique capability to perceive, process, and comprehend the world. Furthermore, later in life, as a mother, she doesn't know how to support and recognize the giftedness in her daughter.

The gifted woman can be a devoted wife and mother but will never truly live an authentic life if she doesn't reconnect to the essential aspect of her soul, her giftedness. The healing of a women's gifted wounds starts with taking care of her nervous, emotional, and spiritual systems, embracing and developing inborn gifts, and connecting to other gifted women.

Throughout my life, I felt the presence of a silent guarding and guiding force in me, the force that led me to realize my life's purpose - the Daimon, the mysterious inner spirit within every individual that led me to discover, embrace and use my gifts for good purpose.  

Empowered gifted women live a life full of creativity, love, vitality, values, prosperity, and well-being using their fully awakened gifts for science, technology, art, music, strategy, leadership, sports, healing, and spirituality.

Furthermore, empowered and visionary women are crucial to building a better society and a more promising future by awakening their Daimon and achieving their potential.


Katja Ujcic is the Founder & CEO of GeniusX, an Institute for the research and development of giftedness. She is a Yoga and Art Therapist.