What parents of EPGs say about P. Susan Jackson and the Daimon Institute:

"The first time I heard Sue speak I felt like I had finally found someone who understood what our family life was like raising PG kids!  I was relieved and initially a bit overwhelmed at the same time. I have found there are so many wonderful things about PG people, but with that I feel we have had unique struggles that many individuals in our schools and communities do not understand.  But when I listen to Sue give presentation and I talk with her about our challenges, I feel she not only understands what we are dealing with but I feel she is able to draw from her great wealth of knowledge of PG families when giving examples.  I feel she has been able to give us valuable suggestions that help improve our lives."

"I credit Daimon Institute with saving my son's life. He transformed from clinically depressed and suicidal to a very high-functioning individual. For myself, to discover that I am also highly/profoundly gifted instead of just "different" was also life-changing. We have both benefited immensely from involvement with Daimon Institute."

Canadian, Older EPG Adult

“For us, we regret that we didn’t meet Sue earlier while
living in China when my daughter was younger, but we feel lucky and grateful
that it is never too late to meet her. Her great passion, profound skills,
talented insights, and firm commitment to working for the well-being and
development of gifted children have crossed cultures and languages to make what
was impossible to be promising for my daughter. She’s capable of simplifying
what was complicated and clarifying what was confusing inside my daughter.
She’s so unique to my daughter with her deep empathy and specialized knowledge.
Her counseling is never limited to talking, she’s always looking for the best
compatible and practical path for my daughter. Sue has a great soul guiding my
daughter to navigate forward and embed confidence. Every minute with Sue is a
magic tour with love and relaxation!”

"My first day sitting in the reception area of
Daimon Institute, I felt home. We were in a place where I didn’t have to
explain who we are and why we act the way we do.  I could relax and
appreciate that we were in good hands - we were understood and cared for.

A number of times we have entered as a Mom who is
beside herself not knowing what else to do with a son who is wound up so tight
with anger and every feeling imaginable. When leaving, not an hour later, we
leave with some weight lifted off our shoulders, feeling more known and
accepted, carrying more hope…and there is a visible bounce in my son’s steps.

 Finally there is someone who understands and knows
how to work her way into our lives like no other we’ve seen before or since. I
am forever thankful for dear Sue!"

"Sue has the uncanny ability to quickly figure out what the pertinent issues are and what needs to be done to fix them. My son was heading into deep burn out, bordering on depression and she gave him suggestions for how to look out for himself and bring himself out of it. She also advocated for him with the school and now, after just a short time, he is feeling much better!"

“Sue goes to the hard places where many are too afraid to go.” Our friend had a gifted daughter that was dealing with severe depression and had been hospitalized for suicidal ideation. We arranged for her to meet a couple of times with Sue and we later heard that the psychiatrist at the hospital was grateful for her consult and that Sue had significantly helped with her treatment at the hospital."

"Before our child met Sue Jackson we felt that our family was alone in the world dealing with a child that was not only quite different from most other kids but acted sometimes 4 years younger than her age, sometimes 6 years older and only occasionally her own age. Meeting Sue and having her work with our daughter changed our world. Not only does Sue set high standards for the overall well-being based on her integral model – from consistent exercise, finding friends and keeping up good grades in school, she also acts as a great mentor for the children (and parents). And she is the most positive person we have ever met! A heartfelt thank you to Sue for all her dedication and hard work from very grateful parents!"

"Understanding the profoundly gifted child is a very layered, complex, integrated journey.  The Daimon Institute was the ONLY resource that helped us understand, embrace, and cultivate our child while maintaining balance within the family structure. Listening to Sue Jackson has been the most influential mentor we have had."

"Sue understands PG kids in a way like no one else. Sue Jackson has had a profound impact on the lives of our family. Our daughter was going through a difficult time in school. She was seeing a therapist but it was obviously not working. As of their first meeting, Sue connected with our daughter and zeroed in on the key issues troubling her. She provided succinct, concrete tools to help our daughter deal with her difficulties and, within a few weeks, we started to see our daughter happier and better able to cope with the challenges facing her."

"The impact P. Susan Jackson has had on the life of our family is immeasurable (possibly even life-saving for one family member). Jackson has consistently helped us to surround our HG/PG children with services and people that have turned fragile, at-risk lives in the right direction. Her counseling services / methodology have directly impacted our understanding of PG/HG personalities and needs. By helping to integrate all aspects of their beings – physical, moral, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual - our children our learning to better manage their intensities, understand their differences, and both navigate and succeed in a world that they process significantly differently than “the norm”. We are so grateful!"

"Like a conductor who can magically transform pieces of an orchestra into a beautiful harmony, Sue Jackson guided my child and all of his complexities into a state of balance and contentment about who he is. PG children too often feel like aliens from another world. As a result of my son's joyful conversations with Sue, he now embraces his unique qualities as a point of pride and he recognizes the value of his place in the world."

"Sue Jackson has a rare speciality in studying and understanding the profoundly gifted. Sue provides a unique perspective in offering, through the lens of knowledge about the profoundly gifted, support for the challenges that  a PG person experiences. We are immensely grateful for the empathy and skill Sue offers our child in helping her navigate her intensities and for providing a place where our child can learn to view her internal PG experience as a strength. Our child feels that before working with Sue, she, as someone with an atypical brain, didn't know what self care meant. Sue helps her identify things that hold her back, and helps her work on strategies to enable her to take on the complexities and responsibilities of self care."

"Whether their language of brilliance is astrophysics, basketball, or Minecraft, Sue connects with the profoundly gifted through their shared experience of being outliers in society. Her insights and erudition have rightly stood out in our test-driven society, explaining the huge emotional, social, and spiritual capacity that gifted people must manage in addition to their more noticeable cognitive differences. To be met and guided on this level is life-changing; as a therapist, she works gently with souls that have been unavoidably brutalized by a society that has not evolved to accommodate them, calling their abilities forth into our world. Her intricate awareness of the diversity of genius helps readers recognize and validate their difference, then create appropriate personal boundaries and coping mechanisms to protect their gifts and find a place to flourish."

"Sue has been a huge help to our son and to our family. Her insights into PG children and adults, her deep knowledge of the special needs of this community, and her intense commitment to advocating within the broader professional support community worldwide has been amazing. We have learned more about ourselves as individuals, as parents, and as a family of profoundly gifted people than we ever thought possible; much of that learning has been from Sue’s talks, her articles and videos, and most of all her conversations with us."

“Susan has made a huge difference in the life of my son and in our understanding of his unique challenges and gifts. Her involvement in helping us guide his learning path has resulted in spectacular success for our son both academically and socially. Her energy, insight, values and relational style all contributed to positive outcomes.” 

Ron James Loewen,Business and Life CoachCity of Langley, BC, Canada 

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