Introducing Daimon International: UPDATE 2022 November

STAY POSTED: November 1, 2022 we feature blog posts form professionals throughout the globe shedding light on the experience of being Profoundly Gifted.

Countries represented: Belgium, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland. Denmark, Korea, Germany, and more. 


That highly and profoundly gifted children are nurtured with fitting experiences and educational opportunities that allow each to positively grow, develop, and flourish, world-wide.


To create a collaborative network of parents, professionals, researchers, policy folks, stakeholders and exceptionally gifted individuals who are deeply engaged in full-throttle stewardship of this exceptional tribe.


We support the uncommon developmental and educational needs of this extraordinary populace, world-wide.

It might not be what you think it is…

We target our efforts towards greater understanding and optimal opportunities for our very brightest children and adults.

They are a small but not insignificant percentage of our world populace.

Scaffolding, inspiring, and supporting their indefatigable passion for learning, and for making a difference, has never been more important, at any point in history than it is at this time.

Through targeted RESEARCH, ADVOCACY, EDUCATION AND OPPORTUNITIES, we aim to more fully understand, identify and support the unique social, emotional, physical, cognitive and altruistic development of Giftedness through the lens of the Highly & Profoundly Gifted.

We serve the children, young adults, parents and families whose needs are often ignored or misunderstood.

We serve the educators, advocates, researchers, academics, mental-health practitioners (of all stripes), public policy professionals and other stakeholders who have an interest in and influence on these amazing children and adults.

We aim to create a stronger, more united, and diverse community, world-wide, who have the interests and the well-being of this populace in mind.

We envision our children with more engaged and vibrant voices, at work and at play, as they grow and develop as exceptional human beings.

We sincerely welcome your involvement.

Stay tuned for specific opportunities to contribute and to learn.

We very much look forward to collaborating with you.

“I imagine a place where a child with a rage to learn gets taught something new and exciting each and every day. Where a child is not told that developmentally they are incapable of learning something simply because of their chronological age. Where a child does not go to school every day terrified that they will get in trouble because they misbehave when the frustration of their improper educational fit outweighs the developmental maturity of their self control.”
- P. Susan Jackson, FOUNDER DAIMON INSTITUTE AND DAIMON INTERNATIONAL (Consultant, Researcher and Mother of two PG children)