Daimon Institute visits the Netherlands

WELCOME TO MY WORLD Symposium In Utrecht Netherlands . A two-day event about highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted children and adults which took place Sept. 29 and 30, 2017.

Beautifully sponsored by IeKu Advies., P. Susan (Sue) Jackson led parents, psychologists, teachers, coaches, adolescent and adult gifted people, and physicians in a jam-packed two days of information, film, discussion, as well as rich verbal and emotional exchange.

THE SPIRIT OF THE AMAZING folks supporting the Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted in the Netherlands is captured in this quote by Lermmontov:

"The history of a human soul, even of the noblest, is almost more important and learning-richer than the history of an entire people, especially when it is the result of a clear mind, and when it is written without the urge to wish to create admiration and sympathy."

The Dutch people were gracious, welcoming, and wonderfully probing, while clear-eyed about the indisputable need for broader, deeper and more fitting supports for these special children and adults.

"Never have I met so many people at once, who in 1 time understand how you feel and feel and who feel the same passion for this group of children. It was a heartwarming experience. It has encouraged me to continue with my heart and soul for this group. Great that Sue went to so much effort for us to transfer her knowledge to us. thank you so much Patricia Susan Jackson."

"Am very grateful to have been a part of this ‘meeting-of-the-minds’. I very much look forward to adding my bit to creating a better future for all ‘our’ children..."

"Looking back with great joy to the Symposium. Great lectures dear Sue."

"So special for the last 2 days to meet Susan Jackson of the Daimon Institute, with her stories and experiences. Inspiring to hear her vision of (exceptional) giftedness and how beautiful it is in the way we are in it."

"This was a wonderful experience; to experience how Sue Jackson shares, visualizes and explains the Theory of Positive Disintegration (topic-and-interest-heaven for me!), to feel and think along with all the many insightful, expressive and intense examples from her life long practice with the gifted and to learn more about and from a very diverse group of teachers, parents, psychologists and more, all very passionately involved in the development of intense, value-driven and unusually bright children"

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