"Titanium for Parents and Professionals Working and Living with the Gifted: A Daimon Institute Presentation"

presented by:
P. Susan Jackson,
Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted, Inc.
Keynote address Grayson School, Cognicon -- Online, January 2021
The Question:
How can we realign our parenting and guiding efforts in flexible ways in these extraordinary times?
The Symbol:
Titanium is the chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. Both powerful and versatile, titanium is lightweight, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion.
The Information and Messaging: 
This session offers research-based, best-practice strategies for parents and professionals who live and work with our extraordinary children, as well as essential information to bolster gifted supporters in their daily efforts.
How can we adopt titanium’s versatility to realign our parenting in times of complexity and strife? How do we support each other, as a dedicated and intentional learning community, so that we may maximize our own strengths and adaptability, and inspire hope in our gifted children?
This shared experience will elevate our understanding of what it means to live fully as—and with—gifted folk and to celebrate our titanium-like strength, fortitude, and lightness, even in difficult times.
The Feedback:

From Gord Sherwood of the HI Factor, Canada:

This past weekend, I tuned in to CogniCon at the Grayson School for Sue Jackson’s presentation, “Titanium for Gifted Parents and Professionals”. While I know Sue’s understanding of giftedness and of the life experiences of the highly gifted to be quite extraordinary, this presentation and the subsequent Q&A session were powerful reminders of her ability to work within a seemingly unlimited number of contextual variables and to deliver her messages with a sense of humanity that very effectively dissolves some common barriers to diversity. This presentation alone may very well have influenced the career paths of a few giftedness and education professionals