P. Susan Jackson: Mental Health Professional of the Year Award 2021

 We are delighted to announce that our Daimon Institute Founder has been recognized for her outstanding work with Exceptionally and Profoundly gifted chidlren, youth and adults. On July 25, 2021. at the annual international SENG conference, president Dr. Kristina Collins announced the 2021 recipient of this award: our P. Susan Jackson.

SENG is an international organization that empowers families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

  • Current member and active supporter of the international "Supporting Emotional Needs Gifted" organization.

  • Established services specializing in work with gifted individuals.

  • Proven impact on supporting the emotional needs of the gifted.

Response from the Field internationally was immediate:

Y​our contributions to your field and this population are endless and I know there is much more to come! American Researcher, consultant and mother of two EPGs

The number of families you have touched and validated - including our brief meeting - is so comforting as we navigate a world that is mostly not built for the HG and PG folk. Canadian Mother of an EPG

Your award is both well-deserved and encouraging to professionals committed to the social emotional well-being of profoundly gifted youth. American Physician

Congratulations Sue what an honor and fitting recognition for your amazing work. Researcher and consultant New Zealand

To say your name is synonymous with PG is much too clinical sounding. It's more like your name is synonymous with one of the portals to helping us be comfortable in this world we don't often fit into very well. Thank you for all you do. American PG woman

Oh Sue!!! You so deserve this! One of the truly special angels that walk among us. Canadian mother of PG young man

SO well deserved! We are so blessed that you chose to do this work. American PG and teacher of PGs 

Sue had the unique ability to hold a pain or a struggle of an individual and make it easier to process.  She feels a person on deeper level and gently helps him/her toward empowerment. Working with Sue changed my life. By mirroring me as a gifted person and embracing my giftedness, she helped me to dare to become my true self. It was truly a unique and liberating experience. Slovenian Gifted Consultant and PG woman