Who are the Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted?

At the highest end of the spectrum of giftedness is a distinct subset, constituting less than half a percent of the general population, which we identify as the profoundly gifted (PG).

The profoundly gifted are as different from moderately gifted people with IQs of 130 as the moderately gifted are from those with an IQ of 100. Possessing astonishing cognitive capacity, extraordinary sensitivity, and trademark intensities, this sub-group comprises remarkable and idiosyncratic individuals. When properly supported, their boundless enthusiasm and appetite for all that life has to offer, insatiable curiosity, empathy, and energy unlock wellsprings of matchless potential. They are driven to learn, to live fully in accordance with a heightened awareness of who they are, and to make a positive impact upon, or contribution to, the broader world.

As with any special needs group however, it is vital that we provide knowledgeable parenting, teaching, and psychological support that is truly congruent with the needs of the profoundly gifted — intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and in the areas of their individual talents. Lacking an informed and mindful approach in our interventions, we may inadvertently squander their remarkable abilities, and crush the animating essence at the core of their being, that fuels their passion for learning and gives meaning to their existence.