What the Profoundly Gifted Need: A Parent's Primer

World expert P. Susan Jackson presents a framework to understand the growth and development of the profoundly gifted child. Parents, educators, and mental health practitioners receive best-practice and research-informed strategies, to guide them in their work with PG children, based on the "Integral Practice for the Gifted™" model. This field-tested framework promises optimal development of PG children's innate gifts, alongside full development of their social-emotional abilities, communicative capacities, and creative faculties.

PG children (and their parents) often face social isolation and misunderstanding due to their fundamental lack of fit with the school and other social institutions. Parents report being overwhelmed with the challenges that inhere in raising multifaceted, extraordinarily intelligent, and ever-changing children. They also experience joy, wonderment, and deep appreciation of their extraordinary children and their extraordinary parenting journey. We will explore the many-sided psychology of the Profoundly Gifted in this session that draws from in-depth knowledge of Profoundly Gifted children and families. Come and learn essential field-tested and research-based constructs and strategies – the insider’s playbook -- for raising switched-on, connected, creative, and thriving PG offspring. From the talk, we hear: "Large-scale social progress has almost always been made through the emergence of a new set of values and an expanded perspective, which leads to a new worldview and practice."